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This documentary chronicles the near 3 year journey of California’s Best Racing Team competing in the 2007 La Carrera Panamericana.   A behind the scenes look at what contemporaries consider the most dangerous road rally in racing history.

* Content warning - Mild Adult Language


Running time - (Main Program) 1:01:47

Extras include  - Trailers, Autodromo Closed Course Stage, Historical Photos & more.

Available in High Definition Blu-ray or Standard DVD.

Rebirth of a Legend - The Story of La Carrera Panamericana

Lake Hövsgol is one of the last vestiges of its kind.  Known as the Blue Pearl of Mongolia, this high altitude lake represents 2% of the earth’s fresh water supply and remains on of the lesser explored frontiers on the planet.  Join this expedition of scuba divers on their journey to outer Mongolia to discover and document the lake’s underwater environment, and how human impact & other factors may be affecting the pristine water quality.

Running time - (Main Program) 47:42

Extras include - Trailer, Satellite Photo Gallery, Mongolian National TV Coverage of Expedition.

Available in standard DVD only.

$24.50 plus shipping and handling.

Hövsgol Nuur - Diving in the Land of Chinghis Khan

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Destination Diving is an in depth look at some of the world’s most uniques dive destinations.  Generating 9 industry awards, this 13 part television series is spread over a 3 DVD set.   Covering 14 countries & spanning 4 continents, this series highlights the marine life, cultural and environment aspects of each destination.


Running time - Over 5 hours of content

Available in standard DVD only.

$65.50 plus shipping and handling.

Destination Diving Television Series

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