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Client - Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Faculty and Students of Colorado State University discuss the Academic Village, an integrated, eco-conscious, advanced computing, learning/living environment.

Running time - 3:26

CSU - A Success Story


With a large list of corporate/industrial clients, Strange Media has produced an enormous variety of programs including training, product launches, corporate image pieces, video news releases, meeting documentation, live events, viral marketing, and media strategy.  Below are just a few examples.

Client - Sandia National Laboratories

Description - HITEC - Hub for Innovation in the Transportation Energy Community.  This project provides a program overview and a call to potential partners and sponsors.

Running time - 3:33

Java Everywhere

Client - Sun Microsystems, Inc

Description - Promotional piece for Java software and its ubiquity in a variety of devices and technologies from mobile phones to the Mars rover.

Running time - 1:00

Bridging Health Care Education

Client - Cisco

Description - Human interest story about rural communities utilizing telepresence to access educational opportunties.

Running time -  8:20

Enhancing the Fan Experience

Client - Cisco

Description - The National Hockey League discuss how it “Enhances the Fan Experience” with a robust technological approach.

Running time - 4:38