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When Our Planet Requires Advanced Waste Management
In the near future, when global warming, ozone depletion and uncontrolled corporate pollutants have decimated our planet, individual environmental clean-up units, known as Trackers, scour the earth in a never ending quest to purge the planet of these biohazardous materials. This short film covers one such Tracker and his latest clean-up assignment. Filmed in 1080p, this highly stylized science fiction is influenced by classic post apocalyptic films such as Tarkovski's 'Stalker', Miller's 'Road Warrior', Besson's 'Le Combat Dernier', Scott's 'Blade Runner' and television's Max Headroom series.

Awards - Best Film (Avalon Micro FIlm Festival)   Linda Carter Award (Utopia Film Festival)

Silver Award (Las Vegas FIlm Festival)  Nominee - Best Visual Effects (Action on Film Festival)

Running time - 6:31