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When Our Planet Requires Advanced Waste Management
In the near future, when global warming, ozone depletion and uncontrolled corporate pollutants have decimated our planet, individual environmental clean-up units, known as Trackers, scour the earth in a never ending quest to purge the planet of these biohazardous materials. This short film covers one such Tracker and his latest clean-up assignment. Filmed in 1080p, this highly stylized science fiction is influenced by classic post apocalyptic films such as Tarkovski's 'Stalker', Miller's 'Road Warrior', Besson's 'Le Combat Dernier', Scott's 'Blade Runner' and television's Max Headroom series.

Awards - Best Film (Avalon Micro FIlm Festival)   Linda Carter Award (Utopia Film Festival)

Silver Award (Las Vegas FIlm Festival)  Nominee - Best Visual Effects (Action on Film Festival)

Running time - 6:31


Loosely based on the poem by German writer Heinrich Heine, Lorelei is a tale of lost love. Starring Jeslen Mishelle Saenz, Jeff Crispi, and Joe Hakik, this experimental film tells the story of a sailor drowning his sorrows in drink as he ponders the lost loves of his life.   Filmed partially underwater in HD.  

* Content Warning - Nudity and Alcohol Consumption

Running time - 6:30


Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker


These films are done independently to test various production and post production techniques.   Whether they are unique lighting schemes, visual effects, pyro-technical tests, color correction palettes, or variants on style and art direction, these programs push the limits of concept and execution. 

In the deep recesses of his lair, the Butcher makes his mark on the victim. Some may consider his work vulgar and disgusting, but the end product is certainly worth displaying. This quick look into the dark secrets of a demented artist is sure to carve a place in your psyche. Running time is only 1 minute, so don't blink.

Awards - Best Film & Best Editing (Digital Film Festival)   Nominee - Best Short & Best Cinematography (Indy Horror Film Festival)

* Content Warning - Simulated Blood & Violence

Running time - 1 minute