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Destination Diving is an in depth look at some of the world’s most uniques dive destinations.  Generating 9 industry awards, this 13 part television series is spread over a 3 DVD set.   Covering 14 countries & spanning 4 continents, this series highlights the marine life, cultural and environment aspects of each destination.


Running time - Over 5 hours of content

Available in standard DVD.

$65.50 plus shipping and handling.

Destination Diving Television Series

A webcast series focusing on the latest gaming industry news and stories.   Incorporates live interviews with leading industry experts, game reviews and events such as the Electronics Expo, Game Developers Conference and others.

Level Up

Broadcast on the local NBC affiliate, this 30 minute news magazine program focuses on innovative and up-and-coming technologies and the businesses behind them.   Shot on location around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Inside Business


Programs created by Strange Media include television series, commercial spots, broadcast documentaries, music videos and station identification bumpers. 

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Broadcast on local cable, this series consists of studio and field-based interviews focusing on the latest scientific and technological innovations coming out of Sandia National Laboratories and the Department of Energy.

Sandia now

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